Medium Term Rental

Medium-term rental

Each period in history poses specific requirements for which a solution must be found. It is no different in the matter of transporting people and goods. In highly developed countries such as Great Britain and Germany, a growing trend regarding the willingness to rent vehicles has been noticed for several years due to the significant benefits of this fact. These are primarily lower costs of using the vehicle, no stress related to servicing, the ability to have a car tailored to your needs, or independence from other means of transport.

What exactly is medium-term rental? This is a service which consists in making the car available by the rental company, for a period of use that ranges between 4 and 21 days, with the option of extending the contract for a further period.

We have developed the offer not only for individual clients, but it is also directed towards entrepreneurs, with the possibility of adjusting the contract for business development. Thanks to this, you can plan in an orderly way the development strategy of your business.

The main goal for our company is the quality of services provided to the customer, that is why the offer presented by us is transparent, personalized to the needs of customers and has no hidden costs.

Here are her basic assumptions of the offer:

  • The car is made available to you for a pre-set time, with the possibility of its extension for the next period.
  • Our company takes full responsibility for the technical condition of the car and we bear all the costs associated with its maintenance
  • you do not have to worry about the sale of the car, after the contract expires, the vehicle you give back to us, the customers do not bear any costs related to leasing
  •  under the contract it is also possible to take advantage of additional options such as, for example, additional insurance, navigation, armchairs and accessories for children or permission to leave our country’s borders
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