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Car rental Lublin – offer

Are you looking for the cheapest and most comfortable transport from the airport to your home? Your car is broken, and you need a car? You want to go on holiday with a group of friends and you do not have the right car? Are you moving and looking for an alternative to a transport company? Carmas car rental in Lublin comes to meet all these needs. We offer our services to both private individuals and companies. All our vehicles are insured and equipped with everything you need to drive safely and comfortably.

Car rental Lublin – why choose us?

Car rental Carmas in Lublin is a well-known and respected company. We have prepared our offer taking into account the individual needs of different clients. We are constantly supplementing our fleet of cars in Lublin, so that our customers have a wide choice and a guarantee of safety and reliability of the vehicle. In our offer we have both cars, vans and buses. Our clients, who decide to rent a car in Lublin, appreciate the clarity of conditions, attractive price and comfort of the ride.

Our customers trust us because:

all our cars are insured with OC, AC and NW insurance;
we have new and diverse vehicles, so that every customer finds a suitable offer for themselves or their company;
We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
we offer reasonable prices and attractive promotions;
we do not impose mileage restrictions in our contracts;
We allow you to book a car in advance, which can be cancelled without additional costs;
We provide a clear contract;
We only provide efficient and safe vehicles in which we carry out regular technical inspections;

What do you find in the offer of car rental Carmas in Lublin?

Our aim is to ensure a safe and comfortable journey and customer satisfaction. That is why we endeavour to constantly replenish and extend our car fleet, so that every customer who decides to rent a car in Lublin finds something suitable for themselves. Our offer consists of vehicles of various brands. Among them, you can find both city and compact cars, as well as family estate cars, crossovers, SUVs, sedans, VANs and vans. We offer our customers cars with manual transmission as well as automatics. Each of our vehicles is equipped with air conditioning, electrically controlled windows and mirrors. On individual request, we equip cars with car navigation and child seats. We also offer the hire of an experienced driver.

Customers who decide to use the services of Carmas Rent a Car in Lublin can benefit from renting a car for a different period of time:

Short term rental 1-3 days
Medium term rental – from 4 to 21 days
Long-term rental – more than 22 days

In each case it is possible to extend the car rental. In case of a 12 month rental, there is a possibility to negotiate the rate.

What conditions must be met before using Carmas car rental services in Lublin?

Our car rental offer in Lublin is addressed to people who are Polish citizens, are over 21 years old and have had a valid driving licence for at least two years. We require our foreign clients to present a valid passport. We have also prepared an attractive offer for business clients. In this case, the contract with Carmas Car Rental in Lublin is signed by a representative of the company concerned, who must meet the same requirements as in the case of renting a car by a private individual.

What is it like renting a car from Carmas Car Rental in Lublin?

Our clients who decide to rent a car in Lublin can do it by phone or through the form on our website. The reserved car will be waiting at our premises. If you use our services for the first time, the formalities will take about 15 minutes, on subsequent visits it will be shorter. Our clients receive a rental contract, acceptance protocol and regulations. All documents are clear and comprehensible to our customers so as to avoid any possible surprise after the service has been rendered. Our customers appreciate the honesty of our company and clear conditions of car rental. When signing the contract, an upfront payment for the rental and a deposit are required. This is a safeguard in case of damage to the car caused by the lessee. The deposit will be refunded on the day of returning the car if the car is not damaged. In case of defects caused by the customer during the rental period, the deposit amount will be reduced by the repair costs and will be refunded within 14 days.


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