Is this service for you?

Do you need to go to a business meeting and you do not have your own car? Or maybe you just need to represent your company from the best side? Or maybe you want to visit the city? Or do you just want to move comfortably, and you can not drive the vehicle yourself? If so, the chauffeur service (Chauffeur Service) is suitable for you.

What vehicles are on offer?

We offer prestigious limousines of various brands, as well as vehicles in VAN body, which have extensive equipment and a number of the latest safety systems and driver assistance systems that ensure the highest security class and high travel comfort.

Can I speak with a chauffeur in a foreign language?

Our chauffeurs are specially trained so that the journey with them runs safely, efficiently and in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, our offer is also directed at foreign clients, because our drivers can communicate with you also in foreign languages, among others English, German or Russian. We understand the fact that you will want to preserve the maximum possible discretion, which is why our company will certainly provide it.

What is the price list?

The standard fee is PLN 50 for each started hour. In the case of longer routes, it is possible to settle PLN 1.2 / 1 km.

Not only individual customers?

Our offer applies to individual clients as well as transports larger groups of people or services for various types of events, such as conferences, business meetings, exhibitions, tours and many more.

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