How to rent a car?

Renting a car in Carmas Rent a Car

Have you ever had little time and be far from the place of an important meeting, or have you just had to be somewhere? Or maybe you want to visit some place where there is no access to public transport, and taxis are too expensive for you, or you just like to arrange a few people for a trip? If so, it would be worth considering our offer for car rentals.

How much will it take to rent a car?

To pick up a car from us, just contact us by e-mail, by phone or via the form on the website, in order to check the availability of offered vehicles in your chosen city and at a given time.

The next step is to choose the right car for you and reserve it for the chosen period of use.

Then you must present yourself in person with your ID and driving license in order to collect your vehicle.

The first collection procedure will take no more than a quarter. The next ones will be just a formality. We also understand the diversity of your needs, which is why we allow you to rent your vehicle 24 hours a day, all days of the week. If you have any questions, we guarantee assistance.


How wide is our offer?

We offer a diverse range of vehicles, tailored to your individual needs. Our offer starts with city cars and compact cars, going sequentially by vehicles of ever larger dimensions, among others prestigious sedans and family cars in the combi body, SUVs, closing the offer on buses and VANs. Our range of vehicles includes models of various well-known car brands in various equipment configurations. So for a relatively small sum, we can get a vehicle with standard equipment that guarantees efficient and comfortable movement on the road, and for a slightly larger sum vehicle with a longer list of equipment that will give us a greater sense of prestige, and additional driver assistance systems will increase the safety of travelers .
We do not limit ourselves to car rental, we also offer a wide range of chauffeur services and roadside assistance.

The price of car rental depends on, among others since its use and has been divided into 4 periods:
– short-term (1-3 days)
– medium-term (4-21 days)
– long-term (over 22 days)


Why are we developing?

Our company is growing dynamically, and it is possible mainly thanks to you using our services and sharing your opinion about us. To confirm these words, we can cite facts such as the continuous increase in the number of rental vehicles from our offer and good reputation, which is created by our customers satisfied with the high quality of our services. We appreciate what confidence you put in us, which is why we are constantly working on increasing our range of vehicles and quality of services.

We wish you a pleasant and safe journey.

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