Long-term rental

Long-term rent

Currently, renting vehicles from companies specializing in such services is not unusual. In Western Europe, such as France or Germany, every year there are more people who give up driving in often not very comfortable conditions of public transport or using taxis. They prefer comfortable movement and unrestricted mobility, which are provided by specialized companies offering rental of vehicles adapted to different consumer needs.

But what exactly is long-term rental? It is a loan of one or several vehicles, usually for a period starting from 3 months to 36 months with the possibility of extension.

A growing number of people are choosing this option because they see many benefits in it. First of all, the rental prices are not excessive, but thanks to the development of this segment of services, costs are constantly decreasing and are available to almost everyone. You do not need to have a large amount to start, as in the case of buying your own vehicle, the offers are flexible and tailored to your needs. Another plus is that the rental company provides full service of the vehicle, and you only refuel it and drive it. Nothing easier

The offer applies not only to individual customers, but also includes companies that for various reasons do not have adequate funds to purchase their vehicles. Thanks to our services, you can also plan a long-term strategy for newly established business entities.

We set ourselves the goal of professionalism and quality, which is why the offer prepared by us is clarified, flexible, adapted to individual needs and does not contain hidden costs.

Here are her basic assumptions of the offer:

  • The car can be borrowed for a period of several months, with the option of extending the contract for subsequent months
  • every offer is adapted to the client’s expectations
  • Carmas Rent a Car is responsible for the technical condition of the car and guarantees its highest possible level
  • after finishing the contract
  • after finishing the contract, you do not incur any leasing costs
  • we also provide the possibility of additional services such as additional insurance, GPS navigation, seats and accessories for children or permission to travel abroad
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