Hourly rent

Hourly rental

Today’s development of services in the field of transport and motorization allows for uncompromising and economical use of vehicles. What’s more, the vehicle does not have to be even owned by customers, but it has to be made available by the rental companies.

Hourly vehicle rental, it is possible to use a rented car for a limited time, without additional costs, e.g. for its servicing.

The big advantage is the possibility of getting stress-free to places where public transport does not reach, also increases mobility and independence, as well as saving money in relation to the purchase of a new car.

This form of vehicle rental has many strengths:

  • costs; the price of a single rental is statistically many times lower than if you had to drive your own car and take care of its full service during the trip
  • certainty and ease of planning, such a service is carried out relatively quickly and without problems, because the time of the loan procedure can close even in a quarter of an hour
  • this form allows you to configure vehicles adapted to the individual needs of the client, among others number of seats in the vehicle, equipment and even the preferred brand
  • high mobility and independence, you decide where and at what time you want to make a trip because our company is available to you 24 hours a day
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