Rent a replacement car with a OC carer

Rent a replacement car from the offender’s OC

If you have an insured car (it does not matter if the car is registered for a company or a private person) and as a result of a collision or accident not your fault, your car was damaged and went to a repair shop, and you were left without a means of transport? We have good news for you. In accordance with Polish law, you have the right to apply to the insurer for a replacement car, and all costs associated with it will be incurred by the offender.

Usually, this information is not given to drivers, and you simply have such a car. So why not take advantage of the right?

It is also often the case that the repair shop offers its own replacement car on unclear conditions and in doubtful technical condition. Our company meets this challenge by offering replacement vehicles in stock in good condition and in favorable conditions for you.

Please contact us by phone and we will help you get such a car from our rental at the expense of the insurer. The cars we have are well presented, richly equipped, always cleaned inside and regularly serviced, so that they are ready for use without interruption.

What are the pros? Well, the biggest profit is the fact that you do not incur any costs because you are burdened with the insurer of the perpetrator of the collision or accident. Another advantage is the fact that our offer is very competitive with other companies, and you also have the option of choosing a vehicle tailored to your needs.

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