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This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the processing of personal data obtained through the CARMAS Portal (hereinafter referred to as the „Portal“) and in connection with the conclusion of a contract with the Administrator.

The owner of the Portal and at the same time the Administrator of personal data is Carmas Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Lublin, ul. Niepodległości 26 lok. 40, 20-246 Lublin, hereinafter referred to as the „Administrator“.

We take special care to respect the privacy of users visiting the Portal and using its functions and providing personal information to us. The company uses a policy of protection of personal data adopted and in accordance with the law. Carmas Rent a Car pays particular attention to the protection of users ‚privacy and selects and applies appropriate technical and organizational measures ensuring protection, security and confidentiality of Users‘ personal data and other persons, in particular against their loss, misuse and modification.

In order to increase efficiency and guarantee the functionality of our website, we process data sent to us via a web browser. These include date and time of visit, browser settings, operating system and IP address.


We collect information about individuals with full legal capacity.

Your personal data is collected in the case of:

Contact us via the contact form on the Portal or
by writing to us to the e-mail address provided on the Portal,
conclude a lease contract with us
In the case of a contact form or writing to us by e-mail, we will process the following personal data:

First name and last name
e-mail adress
or other personal information that you provide to us. We will not process sensitive data.
In the case of concluding a vehicle rental agreement with us, we will process your following data:

First name and last name
e-mail adress,
phone number,
the number and date of issue of the driving license
During the car booking process we ask about:

first name and last name,
Phone number,
e-mail adress.
these are the data necessary to carry out the vehicle reservation process.

In addition, if you have chosen the card payment when booking, we will also ask you for:

type of credit card,
card number,
the expiry date of the card
thanks to which we will be able to carry out the payment process for the service.

Confirmation of the reservation also requires providing a number of data about the vehicle user:

First name and last name,

PESEL number or NIP / KRS number,

registered address,

ID number,

driver’s license number

or scans of documents:

an identity document (identity card or passport)
driving license for vehicle users
The company may also collect navigation data regarding the user’s navigation through the Portal, including information about his preferences reflected by clicking on the appropriate link or link to other elements of the Portal or other websites.

When using the Portal, additional information may be downloaded, in particular: the IP address assigned to the User’s computer or the external IP address of the Internet provider, domain name, browser type, access time, and the type and version of the operating system. Users using the Portal remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. The information contained in the system logs (eg IP address) resulting from the general principles of connections made on the Internet are used by Carmas Sp. z o.o. for technical purposes related to the administration of servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical demographic information (eg about the region from which the connection takes place).


If you contact us through the Portal, your data will be processed for the purpose of providing inquiries or services. After concluding a vehicle rental contract, the data is processed in order to perform the contract.

The navigation data can be used to provide Users with better service, statistical data analysis and adaptation of the Portal to User preferences, as well as administration of the Portal.


Administrator of personal data

The administrator of your personal data Carmas Sp. z o.o..

The administrator conducts processing of your personal data.

Data Protection Officer

We have appointed a personal data protection officer with whom you can contact us regarding the protection of your personal data and exercise your rights by writing a message to the email address, or in writing to the address of our headquarters indicated above.

Purpose and basics of data processing

Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of performing a vehicle rental contract in accordance with the rules set out in the vehicle rental agreement concluded with the Regulations on the Portal.

The purposes of processing personal data may also result from legitimate interests carried out by Carmas Sp. z o.o., including:

a) direct marketing of own products or administrator’s services,
b) the administrator’s seeking claims for business operations,
c) participation in the loyalty program,
d) withdrawal from the contract,
e) considering complaints,
f) sending surveys aimed at obtaining the quality of services,
h) registration of participation in competitions organized by the Company.

The basis for the processing of your personal data is the implementation of the contract for the provision of vehicle rental services (the basis of Article 6 (1) letter b of the GDPR).

Users using the Portal who do not directly contact the Administrator by sending an e-mail address or via the contact form remain anonymous until they decide otherwise. The information contained in the system logs (eg IP address) resulting from the general rules of connections made on the Internet is used by the Administrator for technical purposes related to the administration of servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical, including demographic information (eg about the region from which the connection takes place).

In addition, the Company collects information on user interactions with the Portal, including: device and login information, so-called system logs, including the date, time of the visit and the IP number of the device from which the call was made, as well as data on the Portal’s traffic statistics. The above activities are aimed at improving the Portal and adapting them to the customer’s needs. The data stored in the server logs are not associated with specific people using the Portal and are not used by the Administrator to identify the user. About Customer Carmas Sp. z o.o. also receives payments from operators, ie entities that enable the customer to make online payments for services purchased from Carmas Sp. z o.o.. We receive information from them about the status of payment for the service. Your payment details will also be transferred by us to the payment operators.

To the extent to which your personal data are processed in order to improve the content and services of the Company, carry out research and analysis of products and services, the legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the legitimate interest of the Administrator. It is in our interest to provide, improve our services, ensure their best quality and inform customers about them. The legal basis of art. 6 par. 1 liter f RODO.

Providing personal data is necessary to conclude a contract with us or to contact us for purposes related to the provision of services. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to provide services to you on the basis of the contract.

Your personal data will be processed in an IT environment, which means that they can also be temporarily stored and processed to ensure the security and correct operation of IT systems, e.g. in the context of security backups, tests of changes in information systems, detection of irregularities or protection against abuse and attacks.

Your personal data is not subject to automated decision making, including profiling.

Recipients of data

As a rule, the Administrator does not provide your personal data to individuals or third parties, except for situations in which the Administrator has a legal basis, as well as at the request of entitled entities, or when it is necessary to perform the services offered by Carmas Sp. z o.o..

We may share your personal data with third parties to the extent necessary for the proper performance of services and the operation of the Portal. These entities may gain access to your personal data to the extent necessary to carry out these services. These entities are providers of IT services and systems.

Your personal data may also be transferred when we are obliged to do so under the law and only to the extent specified by these provisions, in particular law enforcement authorities or tax authorities. We also use the services of other entities in the field of law, taxes and accounting.

In any case, when we transmit your data to the recipients, we require from this entity to comply with all obligations resulting from the GDP and the security of your data.

Transmission of data to third countries or international organizations

Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties other than entities processing personal data on behalf of Carmas Sp. z o.o. i in order to perform the contract, deliver the car, collect the fee, analyze data and provide marketing or customer service, including IT, marketing, analytical services providers, payment agents, whereby such entities process data on the basis of an agreement with Carmas Sp. z o.o. and only in accordance with its instructions and may not use your personal data for purposes other than those related to the performance of the contract. In such cases, the amount of data transferred is limited to the necessary minimum. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without prior approval, unless it is necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this Privacy Policy, or if Carmas Sp. z o.o. will be legally obliged to do so.

Your personal data, as a rule, are not transferred outside the European Economic Area. The transfer of your personal data outside the EEA may, however, take place when it is necessary in order to allow the use of the Portal, in this situation, when the use of the portal will require the participation of subcontractors with headquarters outside the EEA. In such cases, we apply an appropriate degree of protection.

The period of data storage

Your personal data will be kept for the duration of the contract. Additionally, after the contract has been terminated, your data will be stored due to the obligations arising from the relevant legal regulations, for their duration, and for reasons of legal security, until the time of possible claims. Be aware that the specificity of our services means that we are obliged by law to process data even when you have stopped using our services. Such liabilities result additionally from tax or accounting regulations.

Your rights:

You have:

the right to access your data and receive a copy of it
the right to rectify (correct) your data
the right to request the deletion of data

If you feel there is no reason to process your data, you can request that we remove it.

Restrictions on data processing

You can request that we limit the processing of your personal data only to store them or to perform actions agreed upon with you, if in your opinion we have incorrect data about you or we process them unjustifiably; or you do not want us to remove them, because you need them to establish, assert or defend claims; or for the time you objected to the processing of data.

the right to withdraw consent in the scope in which they are processed on this basis,
the right to raise objections
the right to transfer data

You have the right to receive from us in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format (e.g., „.csv format“) personal information about you that you provided to us under the contract. You can also ask us to send this data directly to another entity.

the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body

Carmas Sp. z o.o.  assures Users of the rights under Article 137 of the Telecommunications Law and art. 32 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926, as amended), as well as Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27/04/2016, in particular: the right to inspect and correct their data, the right to delete data (to be forgotten) or to limit their processing, the right to object to data processing for purposes other than those indicated above, the right to data transfer, the right to withdraw consent at any time, the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body, which is (General Inspector of Personal Data Protection, and after 25/05/2018, the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection). Statements regarding the implementation of the above Please send your rights and any comments to the address

Carmas Sp. z o.o., ul. Niepodległości 26 lok. 40, 20-246 Lublin


Tel. : +48 81 464 35 46

Information about the requirement / voluntary data submission

Providing data by you is a condition of concluding a contract and is voluntary. If you do not provide data, we may refuse to enter into a contract.

Other provisions

In order to protect your data, we use the highest quality data encryption techniques and we use pseudonymisation of collected data. We apply the highest security standards.

The Company may refuse to delete the User’s data from his collection, if the User breached the contract or applicable law, and the data retention is necessary to clarify these circumstances and determine the User’s liability, in particular, claims by Carmas Sp. z o.o. from the User or the purpose of providing such data to bodies under the law. The refusal to delete data may also be justified by applicable law.

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